Diversity and Inclusion

As a global company, we consider the diversity of our team members and communities to be one of our greatest strengths and believe it must be reflected at every level of our company to achieve our mission. The diverse backgrounds, languages, and cultures of our team members give us a unique opportunity to build a workforce with the wide-ranging skills that are needed for our business to succeed. By treating our team members with dignity and respect, and by promoting an environment based on diversity and inclusion, we strive to create a more engaged, productive, and fulfilled workforce.

Our goal is to have an increasingly inclusive work environment that embraces differences, with measures to help ensure and promote equal opportunity for all employees across all areas and positions, and support mechanisms to continuously raise awareness of the impact of these measures.

In line with our Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy and our Code of Conduct and Ethics, we promote gender and race equality in leadership positions. We are committed to ensuring that all applicants and team members are afforded an equal opportunity in employment without regard to a person´s race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, veteran status, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or status that is protected by law. We also empower our facilities to recruit and retain diverse team members that represents the communities where they live and work.