In pursuit of our mission to be the best, creating opportunities of a better future for our team members, our 70-year history is underpinned by disciplined business expansion and innovation. This trajectory is cemented by our efforts to continuously improve our corporate management structure and adopt corporate governance practices that create value, establish trust-based relationships with customers and other stakeholders, and produce sustainable results.

As a company listed in the Novo Mercado segment on the Brazilian B3 stock exchange (under the symbol JBSS3), JBS voluntarily strives to achieve levels of corporate governance practices and disclosure requirements beyond those already enforced by Brazilian law. These rules, which include trading only common shares, increase shareholders’ rights and enhance the quality of the information provided to them. JBS shares are also traded in the United States as Level 1 ADRs in the Over the Counter-Pink Sheets Platform (OTCQX) in New York (under the ticker JBSAY). For more information on our practices, please refer to our Investor Relations site

Ownership Structure

On Dec 31st, 2022, we had 2,218,116,370 shares, with a free float of 51.17%. The controlling group formed by the companies J&F Investimentos S.A. and Formosa held the other 48.83%, with no shares in Treasury. The total market capitalization was R$ 42.5 billion, with the unit price for JBSS3 at R$ 19.14.

Share and Ownership Structure¹

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