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JBS is structured into the following operations: 1. JBS Brasil (Friboi, Swift, JBS Couros, JBS, Novos Negócios and Seara); 2. JBS Beef North America (JBS USA Beef, JBS Foods Canada, JBS USA Retail Ready, Empire Packing, JBS USA Carriers, Wild Fork Foods and Vivera); 3. JBS USA Pork (JBS USA Pork, JBS USA Live Pork, and JBS Prepared Foods); 4. JBS Australia (JBS Australia Northern, JBS Australia Southern, JBS Australia Pork, Primo Foods, Huon Aquaculture, D.R. Johnston, Andrews Meat Industries, JBS Australia Carriers, Scott Technology, and Knox International) 5. Pilgrim’s (Pilgrim’s US, Pilgrim’s Mexico, Moy Park, Pilgrim’s UK, and Pilgrim’s Food Masters); and 6. Rigamonti Group.

JBS Brasil

Our JBS Brasil business unit includes Friboi, a beef processor and the most exported Brazilian beef brand in the world; Seara, a food producer in the poultry and pork segments; the Swift brand, a leader in frozen food products with direct-to-consumer stores and delivery channels; JBS Couros, which produces wet blue, wet white, crust, and finished leather for the automotive, furniture, footwear and leather goods industries; and JBS Novos Negócios, which is made up of 14 interconnected and innovative businesses that deal with animal byproducts and industrial waste.

  • Slide 1.1 – Friboi


    The market leader in Brazil’s beef segment, Friboi has 34 production sites located across the country, boasting one of the most comprehensive product ranges in its sector. With a 70-year legacy, Friboi offers food products to satisfy a wide range of consumers and their expectations, and exports to more than 100 countries.

    Geographies: Brazil | Facilities: 34 | Processing Capacity: 32,650 cattle/day | Employees: 38,000+
  • Slide 1.5 – Seara


    For more than 60 years, Seara has offered quality, flavor, convenience, and innovation through the production of poultry and pork (fresh and frozen), prepared foods, sausages, food service, and margarine. The business supplies Brazilian customers and more than 130 other foreign markets, mainly Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, in retail and food service, as well as B2B, cash carry, and e-commerce, with exclusive products for each region.

    Geographies: Brazil | Facilities: 62 | Farms: 21 | Processing Capacity: 5.1MM birds/day, 26.6 thousand hogs/day, 124.5 thousand processed food tons/month | Employees: 89,000+
  • Slide 1.2 – Swift


    A leader in quality frozen food products, Swift offers more than 500 different offerings, including beef everyday meals and barbecues, as well as fish, pork, lamb, poultry, snacks, side dishes, vegetables, desserts, and seasoning for barbecues. It has also introduced innovative features into its operations such as flash freezing via special equipment to keep products fresh, tender, and tasty.

    Geographies: Brazil | Stores: 670 | Employees: 3,480+
  • Slide 1.4 – JBS Novos Negócios

    JBS Novos Negócios

    A pioneer in harnessing industrial waste to fuel innovation, efficiency, and sustainable practices, JBS Novos Negócios works to advance circular economy principles. Its products are sold in Brazil and exported to more than 40 countries.

    Geographies: Brazil | Operations: 14 | Production Capacity: 1,650 MT/year | Employees: 5,000
  • Slide 1.3 – JBS Couros

    JBS Couros

    Currently a leading processor of cattle hides and the global leader in the leather segment, JBS Couros is present in eight countries on four continents. Backed by constant investment in technology to optimize its production processes, the business makes wet blue, wet white, crust and finished leather products for the automotive, furniture, footwear, and decor industries.

    Geographies: South America, North America, Europe, and Asia | Facilities: 22 | Processing Capacity: 40,500 hides/day | Employees: 5,000+

JBS Beef North America

Our North American beef business is made up of JBS USA Beef, JBS Foods Canada, JBS USA Retail Ready, Empire Packing, JBS USA Carriers, Wild Fork Foods, and Vivera.

  • Slide 2.1 – JBS USA Beef

    JBS USA Beef

    Made up of nine beef production facilities in the United States, JBS USA Beef is split into two business units: fed beef and regional beef. Our four fed beef facilities are strategically located near traditional cattle production centers in the U.S. to ensure access to high-quality, fed cattle, while our five regional beef facilities are located in strategic areas close to major population centers to increase our flexibility to meet the evolving needs of discerning customers.

    Geographies: U.S. | Facilities: 9 | Processing Capacity: 28,098 cattle/day | Employees: 20,000+
  • Slide 2.2 – JBS Foods Canada

    JBS Foods Canada

    Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, JBS Canada is one of Canada’s most significant beef and prepared foods processors and one of the largest employers in southern Alberta.

    Geographies: Canada | Facilities: 3 | Processing Capacity: 4,200 cattle/day | Employees: 3,600+
  • Slide 2.3 – JBS USA Retail Ready

    JBS USA Retail Ready

    JBS USA Retail Ready specializes in further-processed beef and pork products. Its three production facilities are strategically located on opposite coasts of the U.S. to provide service to customers across the country.

    Geographies: U.S. | Facilities: 3 | Processing Capacity: 215 MT/day | Employees: 840+
  • Slide 3.4 – Empire Packing

    Empire Packing

    Empire Packing specializes in retail case-ready meats, Ledbetter branded retail products, and custom food processing and packaging services. It’s four processing facilities are strategically located across the United States to produce and provide 6 million pounds of case-ready beef, chicken, grinds and pork per week to customers.

    Geographies: U.S. | Facilities: 4 | Processing Capacity: 680 MT/day | Employees: 1,250+
  • Slide 2.4 – JBS USA Carriers

    JBS USA Carriers

    As the transportation arm of our North American operations, JBS USA Carriers is an over-the-road and regional truckload carrier handling both refrigerated and non-refrigerated freight. JBS Carriers has a fleet of more than 700 trucks and provides carrier services to JBS USA, Pilgrim’s and other customers throughout the U.S.

    Geographies: U.S. | Transportation Terminals: 7 | Fleet Size: 700+ trucks | Employees: 850+
  • Slide 2.5 – Wild Fork Foods

    Wild Fork Foods

    Wild Fork Foods offers more than 500 different frozen food offerings, including beef for everyday meals and barbecues, as well as fish, pork, lamb, poultry, snacks, side dishes, vegetables, desserts, and seasoning for barbecues. It has also introduced innovative features into its operations such as flash freezing technology to keep products fresh, tender, tasty and succulent.

    Geographies: U.S., Canada and Mexico | Stores: 80+ | Employees: +1000
  • Slide 2.6 – Vivera


    As Europe’s third-largest plant-based food maker and the region’s largest independent plant-based business, Vivera develops and produces a broad range of over 100 innovative plant-based meat replacement products for major retailers in over 25 markets.

    Geographies: Netherlands | Facilities: 3 | Processing Capacity: 30,000 MT/year | Employees: 440+


Our U.S. pork segment includes JBS USA Pork, JBS USA Live Pork and JBS Prepared Foods.

  • Slide 3.1 – JBS USA Pork

    JBS USA Pork

    As the second-largest fresh pork producer in the U.S., JBS USA Pork processes, prepares, packages and delivers fresh, further-processed and value-added pork products for sale to customers in more than 26 countries on five continents. It offers a variety of fresh pork products under the Swift brand name, a proud symbol of the company’s heritage that dates back to 1855.

    Geographies: U.S. | Pork Processing Facilities: 5 | Value-Added Facilities: 1 | Processing Capacity: 92,600 hogs/day | Employees: 9,500+
  • Slide 3.2 – JBS USA Live Pork

    JBS USA Live Pork

    JBS USA Live Pork operates a number of feed mills, boar stud facilities, and sow farms across the U.S., including multiple open pen gestation and California Proposition-12 compliant housing systems. By having company-owned live pork operations dedicated to ensuring a consistent supply to our fresh pork processing facilities, JBS is better able provide affordable, quality products to millions of American consumers.

    Geographies: U.S. | Hog Farms: 24 | Employees: 470+
  • Slide 3.3 – JBS Prepared Foods

    JBS Prepared Foods

    JBS Prepared Foods is a manufacturer with more than 80 years of experience in providing high-quality, prepared food products throughout the United States. Starting as a sliced ham company in 1932, it has expanded into a business that offers a multitude of product lines, including premium bacons, packaged deli meats, quality deli counter hams, cooked ribs and canned hams.

    Geographies: U.S. | Facilities: 8 | Processing Capacity: 575 MT/day | Employees: 2,700+

JBS Australia

JBS Australia is a large-scale meat and food processing company, operating technologically advanced production and value-added facilities and feedlots, whilst also owning a major Australian smallgoods manufacturer, and operating a leading high-quality meat cutting and case ready production facility. JBS Australia exports to more than 70 countries and maintains significant market share in the domestic beef, lamb, and pork markets.

  • Slide 4.1 – JBS Australia Northern

    JBS Australia Northern

    The company’s Northern Division operates five strategically placed processing facilities as well as five feedlots across Queensland and New South Wales with access to an extensive network of quality cattle. The Northern Division services both domestic and international markets exporting ~85% of its finished goods or commodity products to more than 50 countries around the world.

    Geographies: Australia | Facilities: 5 | Feedlots: 5 | Processing Capacity: 6,451 cattle/day | One-time Feeding Capacity: 142,000 cattle | Employees (including JBS Australia Carriers): 3,800+
  • Slide 4.2 – JBS Australia Southern

    JBS Australia Southern

    The company’s Southern Division produces a range of high-quality beef and lamb products through four beef and lamb processing facilities and one feedlot located across New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. Its value-added business, which produces a variety of retail ready products in a range of formats, is tailored to individual customer requirements.

    Geographies: Australia | Facilities: 5 | Feedlots: 1 | Processing Capacity: 3,050 cattle/day and 16,200 small stock/day | One-time Feeding Capacity: 12,000 cattle; 40,000 small stock (sheep) | Employees: 2,440+
  • Slide 4.3 – JBS Australia Pork

    JBS Australia Pork

    For more than 22 years, JBS Australia has supplied Australians with high quality pork, including value-added pork products. In 2021, the business expanded its operations into the breeding, growing, fattening, and finishing of pigs through its acquisition of Rivalea, a leading vertically integrated pork producer and processor with operations in both New South Wales and Victoria.

    Geographies: Australia | Facilities: 3 | Piggeries: 6 | Processing Capacity: 9,000 hogs/day | Employees: 1,470+
  • Slide 4.4 – Primo Foods

    Primo Foods

    Primo Foods is Australia’s most significant manufacturer of ham, bacon, salami, and deli meats, supplying quality smallgoods to major retail and food service groups across Australia. Primo is unique for owning and operating manufacturing plants, packing facilities and distribution warehouses, allowing it to maintain uncompromising levels of quality control.

    Geographies: Australia and New Zealand | Facilities: 7 | Processing Capacity: 827 MT/day | Employees: 3,270+
  • Slide 4.5 – Huon Aquaculture

    Huon Aquaculture

    Based in Tasmania, Huon Aquaculture is a significant contributor to Australia’s Atlantic Salmon production and also farms and processes Rainbow Trout. Huon Aquaculture is a leader in the Tasmanian marine farming industry with a focus on sustainable, high-quality products and innovative aquaculture practices.

    Geographies: Australia | Facilities: 2 | Nurseries: 1 | Hatcheries: 7 | Processing Capacity: 39,217 fish/day | Employees: 1,090+
  • Slide 4.6 – D.R. Johnston

    D.R. Johnston

    As JBS Australia's domestic wholesale division, D.R. Johnston’s core business is distributing fresh and frozen carton meat to butcher shops, independent supermarkets, and food service Australia wide. It also operates retail outlets.

    Geographies: Australia | Facilities: 7 | Employees: 90+
  • Slide 4.7 – Andrews Meat Industries

    Andrews Meat Industries

    Andrews Meat Industries (AMI) is one of Australia’s longest serving and most respected suppliers of protein-based solutions across three key divisions: foodservice, value added (cooked), and export. Andrews is a leader in portion control and value-added meats for the food service industry, currently producing ready-to-serve meals and sous vide meat options for major retail stores and food service clients under the Creative Food Solutions brand.

    Geographies: Australia | Facilities: 2 | Processing Capacity: 49 MT/day | Employees: 310+
  • Slide 4.8 – JBS Australia Carriers

    JBS Australia Carriers

    The transportation division of JBS Australia, Carriers supports operations through an efficient logistical structure that transports cattle, shipping containers, bulk products in tippers, and palletized refrigerated products. Its fleet includes 42 prime movers and more than 100 trailers that travel a combined 7 million km per year.

    Geographies: Australia | Transportation Terminals: 2 | Fleet Size: 42 prime movers and 100+ trailers
  • Slide 4.9 – Scott Technology

    Scott Technology

    JBS Australia owns controlling interest in Scott Technology, a leading global developer of automation and robotic solutions that improve safety, productivity, reliability and yield in the workplace.

    Geographies: Australia and New Zealand | Facilities: 6 | Employees: 90+
  • Slide 4.10 – Knox International

    Knox International

    Established in 1984, Knox International has grown to become the leading processor and exporter of Australian sheep and lamb skins. Knox works closely with the JBS Australia plants located in Victoria and South Australia as well as other third-party suppliers.

    Geographies: Australia | Facilities: 1 | Processing Capacity: 15,000 sheepskins/day | Employees: 25+


Pilgrim’s is a leading global provider of high-quality food products, including well-recognized brands and innovative value-added premium products, with operations in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Mexico and the U.K., and the capacity to process 45.3 million birds per week and 46,200 hogs per week. Pilgrim’s processes, prepares, packages and delivers fresh, further-processed and value-added food products for sale to customers in more than 100 countries, employs nearly 60,000 people, and contracts with more than 6,000 family farmer partners. Pilgrim’s is also the owner of Moy Park, one of Northern Ireland’s largest private-sector businesses and Europe’s leading poultry producers, Pilgrim’s UK, a leading pork, lamb, and prepared foods company in the U.K., and Pilgrim’s Food Masters, a major producer of meats, chilled, and frozen-ready meals for every principal U.K. and Ireland supermarket. JBS is the majority shareholder of Pilgrim’s.

Geographies: U.S., Mexico, U.K., Northern Ireland, France, Netherlands, and Ireland | Facilities: 74 | Processing Capacity: 19,300 MT/day | Employees: 60,000 +


Rigamonti Group is a leader in the production of Bresaola and Prosciutto di San Daniele D.O.P. and an important player in the production of Prosciutto di Parma D.O.P. The Group also produces specialties including GranSpeck, Val Liona, Snocciolato, and Prosciutto Veneto D.O.P. as well as traditional deli meats such as cooked ham, mortadella bologna, prosciutto, and salami.

Geographies: Italy | Facilities: 8 | Processing Capacity: 22,100 MT/year | Employees: 390+