Health and Nutrition

We work to enhance the nutrition and health attributes of our fresh and prepared food products through technological innovation that reduces the content of fat, sodium, sugar, and artificial preservatives.


Case Studies:

In Brazil, Friboi products do not contain any preservatives or added ingredients and are marketed in high-tech packaging. Friboi’s prepared foods brand, Kitut, offers a cold meat product range that is 30% lower in sodium.
Bordon-branded feijoada (black bean stew) and meatball products were recently reformulated to fully remove additives from the recipe while retaining product identity and having no effect on flavor, texture, or food safety.
Seara offers a wide range of health-enhanced products, including:
  • Seara DaGranja – chickens raised in an antibiotic-free environment;
  • Seara Orgânico – certified organic chickens;
  • Seara Nhô Bento – free-range chickens that only receive a plant-based diet and have animal welfare certification;
  • Seara Nature – line of products prepared without preservatives, are 100% natural, are a source of animal protein, do not contain soy protein or lactose, and have a lower level of sodium and saturated fat than the target established by the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA);
  • Seara Turma da Monica – line of products with added vitamins and minerals.
In addition, Seara’s portfolio features low-sodium products, Levíssimo and the levíssimo line. Levíssimo is a sausage made from cooked loin reduced in sodium and fat, and the products in this line follow the same concept of reduction. Lastly, Seara’s Incrível! products are 100% vegetable protein made with natural ingredients and zero radicals, which reproduce the texture and juiciness of meat.